Vehicle Tracking

Tracking Your Fleet’s Every Move!

Track Every Move

Our GPS tracking software means you'll always know the exact locations of your vehicle.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Be alerted in real-time if a diagnostic issue on one of your vehicles should arise.

YodiYil is Your #1 Choice in Fleet Solutions

For 15 years YodiYil has provided fleet management solutions to businesses like yours. We operate in 9 countries and use 180 robust servers to track your fleets’ every move! You can rest easy knowing you will be alerted in real-time should a problem occur on one of your fleet vehicles.

An Intuitive App Experience

YodiYil’s app is easy-to-use. Check GPS locations, vehicle safety alerts and much more! Our app can be downloaded in seconds. Get a bird's eye view of your entire fleet, right at your fingertips!

Real-Time Data

Access real-time information on anyndata point being monitored with a 3-secondndata refresh rate.

Install & Track

Have your vheicle ready in minutes byninstalling the yodiyil trackernto your OBD vehicle.

GPS Tracking Mobile App