Free GPS Tracking

Free for Life, Real-time and accurate.


Know Your Fleet Like Never Before

Location tracking, vehicle diagnostics, safety alerts, and trip analytics.

Your vehicle can now tell you everything you need to know. Moving beyond a simple GPS tracking device, yodiyil brings you real-time data, straight from your vehicle to your fingertips.


Your vehicle is always connected to you

Never lose track of your vehicle with the yodiyil GPS tracking device.

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Vehicle start and stop notifications
  • Geofence entry/exit alerts
  • Logging trip data on distances, timings, and route

Your vehicle never fails you

Get an X-ray vision of your vehicle at the tap of a button and make sure its always trip-ready.

  • Monitor engine health and performance data
  • Updates on battery voltages, fuel levels and cooling temperatures
  • Preventive alerts on critical performance issues

Your vehcile is always in great hands

Know exactly how your car is being driven and how to get the best performance from your car.

  • Track incidents of over speeding, engine idling, sudden brakes and acceleration.
  • useful at knowing how to improve both driver and car performance.

Real-time Data

Access real-time information on any
data point being monitored with a 3-second
data refresh rate.

Install & Track

Have your vheicle ready in minutes by
installing the yodiyil tracker
to your OBD vehicle.

Auto Updates

Receive over-the-air updates of all new
features and functionalities
on the yodiyil app.

Shared Access

Add other members as secondary users
on the yodiyil app for easy tracking
or add multiple vehicles/users.

Offline Mode

Have your trip data available for 72 hours in the event of loss of internet connectivity & sync
backs once it regains connectivity.

Intuitive App Experience

The app lets you decode everything that your
car is trying to say with user-friendly
interface and in-built analytics abilities.

Easy to get started. 3 Step process.

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1- Install

Install the yodiyil Device in your

2- Activate

Download the yodiyil app and start

3- Connect

Relax and let you car tell you all that you
need to know

What’s Different with yodiyil ?


Yodiyil solutions are tested across 100+ vehicle models to ensure zero impact on your car’s health and performance.

User Experience

The yodiyil app is designed to give you an intuitive user experience, allowing you to easily view and analyze your vehicle data.


The yodiyil devices are completely tamper proof. All your location and trip data are stored on our servers with stringent security protocols.

The Flagship yodiyil Product


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