Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking for fleet of vehicles

Track every move!

Tracking your fleet enables you to improve productivity and operational efficiency thereby increasing revenue, reducing costs and improving overall profitability.

Our GPS fleet tracking solution is best suited for small businesses or customers with multiple vehicles that they would like to track through an easy-to-use mobile app. We offer premium features at competitive prices leveraging the latest IOT technologies and networks.

Key features include:


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Note: The above prices include:

If you would like an easy-to-install DIY device, please buy our non-hardwired GPS car tracking solution which you can install yourself within minutes!

Key Benefits

Revenue $$

Leverage the solution’s intelligent insights to improve driver productivity
Leverage real time notifications to monitor driver behaviour and reduce Idle time of driver/employee


Protect against theft or unauthorized vehicle usage by leveraging the ignition status and tamper alert notification
Reduce operational cost by planning the best routes based on historic information such as time-to-destination, fuel consumption

Operational Excellence

Integrate optional adds ons such as temperature sensors to monitor all the key information in real time from the same mobile app
Premium tech support and training to designated employees

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy the GPS Fleet tracking solution?
Place an order on this website by clicking the buy button. Alternatively, if you have more than 4 vehicles then you can contact us via form, email, chat or phone to request a custom quote.
After year 1, what will be the fee for renewals?
If you decide to renew, then the renewal fee is $240 per annum.
Is this a good anti theft device for my vehicle?
GPS tracking solution is an excellent technology to protect & monitor your vehicle. Amongst the various GPS tracking options, the hardwired GPS tracker provides the highest level of protection.
Will I be notified if my car leaves my property?
Yes. There is a geofence, also known as virtual fence technology with our GPS trackers. You can get an immediate notification on your mobile phone
Can I install the GPS Fleet tracking solution myself?
Yes. Magnetic trackers and OBD II trackers in our car tracking section can be installed yourself.

However, for hardwired we highly recommend using either our recommended mechanic or someone who has the skill to connect the device correctly to the power source of the vehicle. We provide documentations for that
Is there a limit of how many vehicles I can track the vehicle?
No. You can leverage this solution for 1 vehicle or 1000 vehicles. Our solution is robust and can scale very easily.