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Informations about our company and our philosophy

Our Vision

We aspire to be the torch bearers of IOT & Connected vehicles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain an ethical business culture that fosters customer satisfaction, business growth, employee success, loyalty and growth of all stakeholders involved. We work towards being a Strategic Partner to our clients not just a vendor.

YodiYil was founded in Mumbai, India in 2004, by a group of young business and technology experts who have passionately worked and solved business problems using latest digital trends in mobile and web technologies. Since then our company has become a leading driver in fleet management solutions for customers across the globe. Our skilled team of professionals have successfully launched more than 200 customized and innovative gps based solutions for a wide range of verticals from retail, secuirty and police department to financial sector. Our key difference is the ability to scale while remaining affordable. We have provided quality solutions to small start-ups and solved complex problems innovatively for large enterprises. Our award winning and popular product IOT solution based on GPS Technology that processes over 1 billion transactions per day with over hundred thousand subscribers across the globe. Our gigantic network of 100+ partners reflects our success story.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

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IOT & Innovations

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Let's connect to see where we can help, be it technology-consulting, long-term projects, web application, mobile application development, GPS tracking, fleet management, IOT or business messaging services.

  • Company YodiYil
  • Location: Edward Jeffreys Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Founder: James Joseph




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Yodiyil solutions are tested across 100+ vehicle models to ensure zero impact on your car’s health and performance.

User Experience

The yodiyil app is designed to give you an intuitive user experience, allowing you to easily view and analyze your vehicle data.


Our trackers are tamper proof. All your location and trip data are stored on our servers with stringent security protocols.

24/7 Support

With multiple support channels we offer 24/7 support throughout the year. For all of our business and end users.